TrueFlip Review — Anonymous and Transparent Lottery

TrueFlip Review — Anonymous and Transparent Lottery

There are lots of options for online gambling with cryptocurrencies, but maybe perhaps not all of them are necessarily worth checking out. For people who want to use their bitcoin along with other cryptocurrency assets to gamble, they have to make sure that they are playing on protected websites that are fair rather than simply taking them for a ride. Trueflip is a fine one that might be worth looking into if you enjoy online lotteries.


Trueflip is an global blockchain lottery that is anonymous and transparent concerning its trophy fund. It is a very simple and tasteful platform. The player chooses five numbers between you and forty-nine, then an additional number from you to twenty five. This is not unlike the powerball lottery a few of you may be acquainted with, but with higher chances of winning -because the overall choice in amounts is drastically reduced-. This means it pays out about 1.3 times more often than the powerball lottery will. Filling out these tickets is fast and simple.

Another important aspect of any lottery is the capability to pay to perform . Just filling out a ticket can only ever get a player up to now. Trueflip enables the player to select between a wide variety of payment procedures. No payment method used is changed into Bitcoin and transferred to the Bitcoin Prize fund. This finance is entirely transparent so all deposits and withdrawals are visible. This keeps players and programmers honest with each other.

The drawings are each day and they operate at 8:00 pm GMT. The actual drawing code is posted on their GitHub and is a really interesting bit of programming. Anyone who discovers that sort of thing interesting may enjoy looking at their code. Outcomes of the drawings have been posted on their social networking pages instantly afterwards.


The breakdown of these winnings finance is quite generous per drawing. The jackpot gives the whole finance, but requires that each and every amount is guessed right and in the appropriate order. From there prizes range from a few bucks to fifty per cent of their jackpot. While the odds are obviously pretty subdued, this is not anywhere near as awful as say lotteries with fiat. The jackpot in the time of writing this is about 46 Bitcoin.

Winnings do carry a 4% fee, also there are a few deductions from which you put where go toward maintenance and advertising of their lottery.

If you are in the market for a brand fresh cyrptocurrency lottery, you might choose to look at Trueflip for the professionalism, commitment to your privacy, and concentrate on maintaining the lottery as transparent and as fair as you can.

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