‘Good Hair’ Chris Rock’s Humorous And Insightful Documentary About Black Hair

‘Good Hair’ Chris Rock’s Humorous And Insightful Documentary About Black Hair

‘Good Hair’ : Chris Rock’s Humorous And Insightful Documentary About Black Hair

The most important thing you, non-black man, should know is that a black woman is a woman. You do not have to treat her much differently than you would any other woman. She, like any other woman wants to be desired, treated well, loved, and respected. She has her own interesting life story and may share some of your interests.

That way, most of the formal stuff is out of the way. When you do actually take the plunge and meet, you are more relaxed and at ease with each other. white women black men dating site sites, and other sites are extremely popular and once you join, you can view as many profiles as you want, chat to as many people as you like and all your information and e mails are totally private.

I am an equal-opportunity dater. So, by all means, do you. You can’t control whom you’re attracted to. You can’t control whom you love. However, you can control your idiotic logic and your mouth.

We talked about how at 40 something we know and are happy with who we are, we know what we want out of life, we know exactly what we will and will not accept, and most of all we have taken the opportunity to fall in love with us. Now don’t get me wrong, we are both very strong, attractive, single white women black men dating site that by no means plan on being single for all of our remaining days but until “he” arrives, and comes correct, we have learned that before we can love someone else we must love who we are.

“#RHOA FINALE 2morrow! We all bring the drama 4 my costume party. DON’T miss!” Kenya teased yesterday, as the finale airs tonight. And if that isn’t enough, Kenya is continuing to pay respect to the women who are her idols. During the finale, Kenya has hinted that she may be representing Beyonce, because of her similar looks and her “Gone With the Wind Fabulous” song. However, Kenya is hinting that she may be dressed like Pam Grier to pay respect to her.

When we are being taught such strict ways of living in our churches, (many of the “rules” aren’t even in the Bible) how can black women date comfortably if they are always worried that everything they do is going to send them to hell? They are being taught that everything is wrong, and everything is a sin. What gives?

Rock lets the humor of the moment… the interview subjects themselves… and the sobriety of the quest for so-called “good hair” speak for itself. The result is a funny, revealing and often poignant look at black America’s perception of beauty… and the society that has shaped that perception for decades into the present day.


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