How To Plan Your Career

How To Plan Your Career

How To Strategy Your Career

For mobile app development Knoxville probably doesn’t stand out. You might think of larger cities like Seattle, San Francisco, or New York as being technology and software hubs. Yet every week, I hear from people all over the world who are eager to get in the app game.

One thing these people all have in common is that they don’t communicate well with others. Nevertheless, being aware of who they are and how to deal with them can reduce the level of conflict and make your daily life easier.

The informational interviews will provide you will clues as to how you can get added education and experience and where the jobs are. Perhaps working at a non-profit will fill a gap in your experience, for example.

My process or theirs? Many times, project managers are brought in to companies which do not have a formal PM process. In that case, the PM will need to use their own process. Or there is a process. However, it has a number of issues. In which case, the PM will need to be able to quickly evaluate the process and institute fixes. The most complex is when a formal process exists and everyone believes that it is perfect. In that case, the PM must be able to evaluate the process and institute fixes without causing political issues.

Getting interviews with other companies. This may be hard to do while you have a job, and may not always work, but it can be a good way to determine what other companies are prepared to pay you.

Take a look at the Personal Directory. How many entries can you store at each extension? Is there a Corporate Directory? Can you use multiple lines? Are you buying different models of handset to suit your different types of users?

visit the website – Asians are terrific workers but lack leadership skills. PM is a (relatively) new discipline here and as companies develop they need people who can put shape on the deliverables.

Just last week I coached a woman who was struggling with this very issue. She had so many ideas for her 1-hour talk, that she could have easily written a 700-page book. Without a proven process, she spent hours dissecting ideas, jumping from one topic to the next.

Think you’ve done all the work you should on defining your passion? Can you take it just one step further and define your meta-talent? Don’t worry a shred about how you can make money with this talent, or what you will DO with this talent. Just define it. Write it down. I can help you with the rest. A book could help you with the rest. But do this one thing for yourself.


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The son of a Greek shipping executive, Dr. Anastasatos was born in New York during one of his father’s overseas assignments. In 2007 he moved to Beverly Hills and established his own private practice. Dr. John Anastasatos performs both cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery. That also includes revision cosmetic surgery of the face, breast, body and nose. You can connect with Dr. John Anastasatos on his Google Plus account.