Digital Media Rocks Internet Websites

Digital Media Rocks Internet Websites

Digital Media Rocks Internet Sites

If you don’t update your website regularly, then it is not achieving its full potential. Search engines, and people, look for new content, and if your website is ‘stale’ it is obvious to all. By building your own website you have control over content, and can update it whenever you like.

Digital Media Rocks Internet Websites

But with an ebook website, a customer visits your site, pays with a credit card and when it is approved they are taken straight to your download page where they can access a copy of the ebook. No waiting around. Your website will be able to take orders 24 hours a day even if you’re not there. I frequently wake up to find that I have sold a variety of ebooks overnight and made more before breakfast than most of my friends who work fulltime.

That, of course, raises an issue. What can you do to enable a constant stream of updates to your website that will show that it is fresh and up to date? Well, on of the ways is to use an automated scheduler.

Once you have the product, you need to decide on how you are going to market it. There are two main methods, either by paid advertising with Adwords at Google. The only disadvantage with Google Adwords is that the ads can, if not done correctly, cost you a bundle.

Another big plus is blogging. Blogging is even easier to do than straight web design for it technology. Your host should provide your choice of blog (short for “web log”) software which is easy to set up. Once it’s up, you can enter new posts to the blog in the editing interface that the software provides. Blogs are good because they automatically release an RSS (“really simple syndication”) feed, which will go to blog aggregators all over the net. Like search engines, this will also lead visitors to your site. In addition, the search engines will digest your blog’s content as well.

“If nobody can find your website it’s useless.”- First of all internet statement is just not true. A website can be a great reference point for any existing customers and business contacts and as long as you let them know the name of your website, they will be able to find it. A website can also help you sell products, take payments, create an image, connect socially with your audience and much more that provides value to your company.

Once you have your ebook file created, you need the website to sell it from. Look up Nvu if you’re new to web design – it will help you design a professional-looking site without having to know anything technical.


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