Facelift Part 1.

Facelift Part 1.

The facelift or face-lift operation is to me the epitome of cosmetic plastic surgery. Our faces carry and portray our expression. Our faces are who we communicate and express ourselves with the world. Cosmetic surgery therefore on the face is the most significant and must be done in a natural way.

For a natural looking yet effective facelift excellent knowledge of the anatomy is required. Moreover though beyond excellent knowledge and great skill a good “eye” is needed for the beautiful facelift result. The cosmetic plastic surgeon that performs a good facelift not only has the proper training and skill but also has a good aesthetic “eye”.

The good facelift is truly an art form. I personally do not like watching women and men who had facelifts and look pulled and so fake. This plastic look is not good for the face. The face, the eyes, the brows, the lips, the neck must all look natural for the facelift to be called successful.

The proper facelift operation also addresses many features on the face and neck. I begin my operation by addressing the forehead, the brows and the glabella. What I do for the upper third of the face is an endoscopic forehead and brow lift. This is an amazing operation that was developed by my mentor Dr. Luis O. Vasconez. The endoscopic facelift rejuvenates the upper third of the face/ It is an upper face-lift. It open up the eyes in a natural way and people do not look artificial but fresh and rested.

The endoscopic brow lift allows me to lift the nose as well. The nose becomes longer and the tip droopy with time. I also correct the nose with my facelift procedures.

The midface and mid-facelift is the most critical part of the facelift operation. The prominent nasolabial folds, nasojugal folds and jowls all will be corrected with the midfacelift. My secret is that I suspend the soft tissues vertically upward and not sideways. Pulling sideways cause a fake look and plus the results are not so impressive.

I strive for impressive results on my facelifts. Together with the face I address the neck. The neck and face should be best done together for best results. The neck is addresses with platysma band plication, liposuction of the neck and skin tightening.

Stay tuned for Facelift Part 2….

John M. Anastasatos, MD, FACS
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Beverly Hills


John M. Anastasatos, M.D., FACS

The son of a Greek shipping executive, Dr. Anastasatos was born in New York during one of his father’s overseas assignments. In 2007 he moved to Beverly Hills and established his own private practice. Dr. John Anastasatos performs both cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery. That also includes revision cosmetic surgery of the face, breast, body and nose. You can connect with Dr. John Anastasatos on his Google Plus account.