Jaw, Cheeks and Lips – Part 3

Jaw, Cheeks and Lips – Part 3

Mandibular or Jawbone Resection

Once again, there is a distinct anatomic difference between Chinese people and many Asians as opposed to Western people. One of this anatomic distinction is that the face appears to have a square look and a flat look. This has to do with the midface. This is partly due to the anatomy of the mandibular bone also known as the jaw bones. So, a very popular operation in China and also in Korea and other Asian population is an operation where a surgeon carefully and skillfully resects the outer table of the mandibular bone. What does the outer table mean? Essentially, the mandible is composed of two thick cortical areas, one is called the outer table and the other one is called the inner table. The bones are made in such a way for added security and protection. What this means is that the outer table can be carefully and meticulously resected and the inner table if it is left alone it holds the integrity of the whole mandibular structure and the whole facial structure effectively. So, the operation where the surgeon can effectively resect the outer table is very effective operation in making the face appear thinner and give a narrower look and oval-shaped look. This is a very impressive and this is an amazing operation.

The cheeks and the malar prominence.

Once again, the anatomy of many of the Asian populations, particularly Chinese and Korean, is such where the malar prominence may be not as projecting or in another case can be overprojecting. In the case of underprojection, the implants are placed to give prominence. These implants are called cheek implants.
In case of overprojection and/or that contributes to the widening of the face then it can be also a partial bone resection of the outer table of the malar/zygomatic bone.

Lip operation

This operation is more significant than on the face. In most patients, the lips are thin and they will do an operation to raise the white part of the lips so a lip lift operation or simply use fillers to make the lips and especially the upper lip more fuller and central.

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