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Dr. John Anastasatos MD FACS – Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Patient Story

Ear surgery, Ear pinning, Ear Pinning Surgery, Otoplasty, Ear Correction

This patient was concerned about prominent ears and uneven ears as you can see in the before picture. Prominent or protruding ears is a common condition and typically manifests shortly after birth. There is concern about life function or brain function with prominent ears. It is purely an anatomic deformity.

Prominent ears can be very effectively be corrected with plastic surgery. Plastic Surgery of the prominent ears is highly effective. Plastic surgery for the ears consists of re-structuring the ear cartilage and the ear skin. Correcting the ear cartilage is important to create the natural ear folds and prominences. Matching the ears for symmetry is the other important part of this operation.

Plastic surgery for the ears has a fast recovery and the incisions are behind the ear and heal very well.

Pay closer attention to this plastic surgery of the ear. Look at the side view of the before picture. The problem with this ear is that it is unbent. This is because the cartilage is not naturally folded. Look at the after picture now on the side view. I folder the ear cartilage and created a nice fold of the ear.

A lot of the essence of the correction of prominent ears or protruding ears is properly correcting and molding the ear cartilage.

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