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Dr. John Anastasatos MD FACS – Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Facelift & endoscopic brow lift and endoscopic forehead lift

This lady had a facelift and an endoscopic brow lift and endoscopic forehead lift. The endoscopic brow lift is an impressive operation and one of the most recent contributions and innovations in cosmetic plastic surgery of the face.

The endoscopic brow lift opens up the eyes. It can be done most naturally and results to open up the eyes. The eyes is the most beautiful part of the face so this is a critical operation. The endoscopic brow lift can also raise the brows which begin to sag and descent after the age of 30 in most people.

The results that you see are only 3 months following the operation Thats why some areas of the face can be seen to be red still.

The close-up before and after photos illustrate the finesses of the endoscopic brow lift.

I believe that cosmetic surgery of the face must be natural looking. A cosmetic plastic surgeon can do a facelift which can be natural looking. Fresh and natural looks is the goal.

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