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Dr. John Anastasatos MD FACS – Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Patient Story

Facelift and Necklift and Eyelid Surgery and Endoscopic Brow Lift

This lady had a facelift, necklift, endoscopic brow lift and eyelid surgery during the same plastic surgery procedure. It may seem as she got a lot done at the same time. The truth is that the facial and neck structures age together and must be treated together for a natural looking and harmonious result.

All the work this lady got was pertinent and contributed to her beautiful fresh yet natural facelift result. A facelift must look natural afterwards.

The key purpose of the facelift in this case was to elevate the midface. You can see the cheek prominence that she has after the facelift. The midface lift is critical to the beautification of the face.

The endoscopic brow lift or endo brow lift rejuvenates the upper third of the face. It is like a facelift for the upper face. It serves to open up the eyes and offer a more relaxed and engaging look.

The neck surgery is critical in order to match the facelift procedure. The reason for neck laxity is not neck skin laxity. It is laxity of the muscles of the neck under the skin. The main muscle is the platysma muscle. I spend a considerable amount of time to tighten the platysma muscle during the facelift operation. In return I get the results that you see.

In summary this lady had the following procedures:

Endoscopic brow lift
Facelift with midface suspension
Neck Lift
Eyelid Surgery

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