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Prophylactic Mastectomy and Breast Reconstruction

This is a case of breast reconstruction after mastectomy. Specifically this lady had a mastectomy of the left breast years ago. She was afraid of recurrence of the breast cancer on the right breast. She decided to have a prophylactic mastectomy on the right breast and at the same reconstruction.

She had the prophylactic mastectomy, which was a skin-sparing mastectomy. Following that procedure I did a bilateral breast reconstruction. Her breast reconstruction was with latissimus muscle and breast implants. This is called pedicled latissimus muscle reconstruction.

She also had breast implants at the same time. The breast implants were placed between a pocket formed between the latisimus muscle and the pectoralis major.

Skin was brought together with the pectoralis to replace the missing breast skin.

I did a nipple reconstruction but she chose not to have areolar tattoo.

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