Better Buttock Procedures

Brazilian Butt Lift

Better Buttocks Various Procedures

Better Buttocks with Silicone Gel Cohesive implants- Buttocks Augmentation:

There are a few Better Buttox Procedures that I perform

This is a very good way to enlarge buttock size and create a marvelous shape and achieve more lift and projection.

The procedure is performed through a small (7-8cm) in the buttock crease. This is a great location because it heals well and is easily hidden. When someone wears a g-string or thong bikini the incision is not visible. Through just this one small incision the surgeon can do both sides of the buttock augmentation.

The buttock augmentation is done by utilizing cohesive silicone gel implants. Their consistency and texture is harder than those we use for breast augmentation surgery. They can be placed either over the gluteus maximus muscle or over it. Placement is discussed individually with each patient.

The operation takes about 1 hour. There is typically pain and discomfort following the surgery but is most prominent the first week.

This is an amazing operation with extremely femininity results. The only potential downside of this procedure is that in the medical literature it is associated with a 20% infection rate due to where the location of the incision is.

Better Buttocks with Fat Harvest and Transfer- Brazilian Buttocks lift- Buttocks augmentation with fat:

This is an amazing operation because with one operation the patient gets better contour and shape of different parts of the body.

This operation is known as the Brazilian buttock lift because it began in Brazil many years ago. In South American countries the shape and the size and the projection of the buttocks is perhaps the most feminine and elemental aspect of beauty.

This operation is simple: We liposuction the fat from different areas of the body that need it and then I place the fat in the buttocks. Fat is typically removed with liposuction from the abdomen, flanks, hips, inner thighs, and outer thighs. Then the fat is processed and injected in the buttocks. This makes the buttocks bigger and rounder and with more projection. Hence the name Brazilian Buttock lift.

The beauty of this operation is that not only the effect on the buttocks but the fact that we remove fat from many other areas therefore contouring them and making them better. Therefore there is noticeable effect on the entire body and all body parts that have been worked on.

The other beautiful element of this operation is that the incisions made are for liposuction so they tend to be very tiny. By tiny I mean they are 3 millimeters in length. They heal so well over time in, most people say they are not noticeable.

This is a very popular operation and easy to combine with all liposuction surgery for body contouring.

Better Buttocks with Restylane, Marcolane, (HYALURONIC ACID) and other fillers

What is this? Basically instead of injection of fat into the buttocks hyaluronic acid can be injected.

This practice is popular in Europe where the hyaluronic acid called macrolane is available.

It is attractive because it is done as an office based procedure without any surgery. Other fillers can be also used in this fashion.

Recovery is very fast since there is no surgery involved.

Downsides: These fillers do not last forever. They last up to 18-24 months. They may cause granulomas and uneven buttock contour.

Buttocks Lift

This is a time-tested operation directed to treat a person with laxity of the skin of the buttocks: a “saggy butt.

Patients who have had considerable weight loss such as following gastric lap band and gastric bypass often get this operation. In these cases this operation can be combined with the lower body lift.

It works very well. It lifts the buttock and gives a great shape. The only downside for some people is that it entails visible scars in the superior part of the buttocks in the lower back

Buttocks lift with Threads or Sutures

In some very few and select cases an operation can be done that will lift the buttocks with suspension sutures. The sutures are placed inside the buttocks through tiny incisions so the scars are very small in the back.

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