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Dr. John Anastasatos MD FACS – Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Patient Story

Breast Augmentation Revision
This was an extremely difficult case with a beautiful outcome.

This beautiful lady was a high-ranking executive for a Fortune 500 company based in NYC.

She has had a breast augmentation many years ago by another plastic surgeon that at that time placed silicone implants but not the modern cohesive silicone gel ones. Those implants ruptured. They were Dow Corning breast implants. Those Dow Corning implants over time developed severe capsular contractures that totally deformed her breasts. Furthermore her breasts became very hard and painful. An MRI was performed before the breast revision surgery and showed the extent of the breast implant rupture. The breast implant rupture in this case was considerable because silicone had leaked and extended into the armpit.

I performed an operation where I removed her old ruptured implants and removed the silicone as well. Additionally I performed a full capsulotomy and capsulectomy in both breasts. The scar tissue of the breasts and the silicone that had leaked from the breast implants were removed. There were calcifications on the capsule that was removed from her breasts. When implants have ruptured and leaked many years prior to the breast revision operation there can be calcifications in the breast pocket. Therefore I advise patients to have a close follow and when there is suspected breast implant rupture to have a revision breast surgery.

Then I did a breast augmentation with the new type cohesive gel silicone gel implants. Both implants were 450cc. These new breast implants are Mentor breast implants and they are high profile breast implants.

The result is after 3 months. Both the patient and me were ecstatic with the beautiful outcome especially considering what we started with.

As a breast revision surgeon I enjoy such operations because I can combine my reconstructive skills with my cosmetic skills. The marriage of cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery yields the ideal result for my patients.

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