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Dr. John Anastasatos MD FACS – Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Patient Story

Breast Augmentation with saline implants and then exchange from saline to silicone breast implants.
This is an interesting case that shows the progression of a woman who at first got saline filled breast implants and then exchanged them to silicone cohesive gel ones.

At first this personal trainer came to me and asked me to give very round, perky round and fake looking breasts.

I performed a breast augmentation with 400cc implants in both sides through an inframammary approach. She got what she wanted and she was very happy. You can see how round and perky her breasts are. I used high profile saline filled breast implants.

After 4 years she had an injury and experienced a small deflation on one side. Being the perfectionist that she was she came back to me and asked me to change them. When she came for the exchange the new silicone gel cohesive type implants had been approved by the FDA and she wanted to get the cohesive gels instead.

Through the same small incision I removed the saline ones and exchanged them for the same volume silicone gel ones. That is I placed high profile 400cc silicone gel implants. Her new silicone gel filled implants are high profile breast implants. These cohesive breast implants are also called gummy bear breast implants.

Please notice the difference between the shapes of the silicone gel vs. saline filled breast implants. You can see in the breast before and after photos that when we go from 400cc High profile saline to 400cc high profile silicone there is a change in breast shape and change in breast look. The silicone gel implants offer a more natural look compared to the saline ones. This is a very unique case because it clearly shows the difference between 400cc saline high profile to 400cc silicone high profile breast implants.

In terms of feel the patient told me she loved the feel of the silicone gel ones compared to the previous saline ones she had.

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