Breast Implants Revision


Breast Revision surgery is one my areas of focus. Breast revision is very common procedure for many reasons. The most common reasons for breast revision surgery are:

1)   Change breast implants from saline to silicone.

2)   Get bigger breast implants.

3)   Treat Capsular contracture.

4)   Remove deflated implants and replace them.

5)   Remove ruptured breast implants and replace them.

6)   Correct a hard breast capsule.

7)   Change implants profile. Rom moderate to a higher breast profile.

8)   Correct breast asymmetry.

9)   Remove old style silicone breast implants’ and calcifications.

10) Remove Dow Corning breast implants.

11)    Remove Polyurethane type breast implants.

12)  Unhappy patient results.

13)   Wear and tear of the pre-existing breast implants.

14)  Desire for softer breast implants.

15)  Desire to remove the breast implants and get a breast lift.

There can be other reasons for breast revision surgery but the reasons I listed above are by far the more common ones I see.

Do you know that in the year 2012 the breast implants became 50 years old?

The first breast augmentation was performed in Houston, Texas in 1962. So 50 years later plastic surgeons have considerable experience with the management of breast implant revision surgery.

As I am a board certified plastic surgeon who has considerable reconstructive experience I would state that plastic surgeons that combine cosmetic and reconstructive experience are most suited to do breast revision surgery.

Breast revision surgery is as important as the original breast augmentation surgery so the right plastic surgeon is crucial. If a patient gets her first breast augmentation in her 20s or 30s or even 40s then she will for sure require another procedure in the future due to the fact that she will have breast implants. The simplest reason is that breast implants do not last forever and hey need replacement when they brake.

What exactly is breast revision surgery and what does it entail?

May patients think that breast revision is so simple that the plastic surgeon removes the old implant and places a new implant. It is not so simple. Breast revision surgery entails more extensive technical work that the original breast augmentation surgery. It is not only the breast implants that are exchanged or revised with breast revision surgery. The capsule or breast pocket that the breast implant sits needs revision. Also the breast tissue and the breast muscles may require revision.

Revision of the breast capsule or breast pocket is most often where most of the work or breast revision surgery must occur. The capsule must be cut in order for it to expand if I place larger breast implants. This process of expanding the breast capsule is called open capsulotomy. Capsulotomy is a compound Greek word that means cutting the breast capsule.

In other cases of breast revision the breast capsule must be shown together in some parts. This is called capsulorarhapy. This is also a Greek term that means to sew the breast capsule. The reason I do that is to offer a new shape to the breast.

In other cases of breast revision the breast capsule from the prior breast surgery must be removed. This procedure is called a capsulectomy. This is also a Greek derived term that means to remove the breast capsule.

In other cases of breast revision a combination of the above procedures is performed.

In summary breast revision surgery entails the following:

1)   Breast implant exchange or breast implant removal

2)   Capsulotomy

3)   Capsulorrhaphy

4)   Capsulectomy

5)   Breast lift