Browlift in Beverly Hills

What is it?

Think of the brow lift as a lift of the upper third of the face. Think of it as rejuvenation of the eyes, eyelids, brows and glabella area (area in between the brows.

What does it do?

It opens up the eyes. It converts a tired and aged look into a youthful and relaxed and refreshed look. Furthermore it can decrease the horizontal lines of the forehead. It can remove the vertical and horizontal lines in the glabellar area that is in between the eyebrows. In many cases the brow lift or forehead lift can reduce the vertical height the forehead in a patient. With advancing age the forehead increases in length. That is a sign of aging. A smaller forehead is a sign of youth.

How is it done?

There is the open brow lift of forehead lift and the closed. The closed forehead or brow lift is called the endoscopic brow lift. There is also a combination of the two techniques, which is called the biplanar brow lift.

The endoscopic brow lift is one of the most significant recent innovations in plastic surgery. It was pioneered by my mentor Dr. Luis O. Vasconez in 1995.

The endoscopic brow lift is done via 3 very small (about 1cm each) incisions in the hairy part of the scalp. Therefore they may heal amazingly well and are hidden in the hair. The operation takes about an hour and the recovery is within a few days. There are no visible incisions.

The open brow lift is outdated. It is however indicated in certain situations. It is indicated for people with a large, long forehead who want to reduce it. It is also indicated for patients who have uneven brows. Uneven brows can be corrected and become even. Through the open brow lift the brows or brow position can be made even and symmetric.

In those patients who desire to reduce the length of their forehead and/or wish to have correction of the eyebrow asymmetry I elect to do the biplanar brow lift which combines the endoscopic brow lift and also the open forehead lift.

Anesthesia choice

It can be done under general anesthesia, under sedation or just under pure local anesthesia while the patient is totally awake.


The recovery after an endoscopic brow lift is very fast and most patients may return to work after 3-5 days without significant signs of being operated upon. The open brow lift or forehead lift has a more prolonged recovery.

Added benefits

If this operation is done right the results are very natural and youthful.