Cheek Augmentation Beverly Hills

What is it?

Well-defined cheeks form an extreme element of beauty. Cheeks can be small, saggy or droopy. With advancing age the cheeks descent and lose volume.  For this reason as a plastic surgeon I can reshape the cheeks, enhance them, augment them and lift them with various methods.


Cheek implants has been a traditional older method. These implants are made by either silicone material or a porous material that adheres better to the bone.  These implants are placed easily through a small incision inside the mouth and thus they leave no visible mark of any operation. They are very effective to offer cheek definition and projection.

Injectable fillers such as sculptra, artefill, restylane SQ can also be used effectively to add volume and definition to the cheeks. The appeal is that these are injectable procedures done in the office and do not require surgery. The results last from many months to years and may need to be repeated.

Fat is also used effectively to augment and reshape the cheeks. The fat is harvested from another area of the body with liposuction or suction assisted lipectomy. Then it is placed under the cheek deep close to the bone in order to lift it and reshape it. Fat works very well in many patients and at the same time the fat can be used in other parts of the face to add volume and offer a more harmonious result.

The newest innovation in cheek augmentation is the addition of stem cells. In the US stem cells can be isolated from fat at the time of liposuction and then added to the fat. Then collectively the fat and the stem cells can be added to the cheeks. It is believed that the addition of stem cells may offer increased longevity to the cheek augmentation. The use of stem cells n the face and the cheeks may have some anti-aging properties as well.

Cheek augmentation can also be done at the same time as a midface lift or a facelift. When done in conjunction with a facelift the result is more harmonious.


Is very quick. The cheeks are swollen for a few days just like when a dental surgery is performed. Most of the swelling goes away after 2-3 weeks and the results become well defined.


Depends on the choice of cheek augmentation procedure. Cheek augmentation can even be done with local anesthesia and some sedation.