Chin Augmentation Beverly Hills

What is it?

In many patients the chin can be small, narrow or under projecting. When the balance between the chin and the face is not correct then chin augmentation or chin enhancement surgery can create beautiful results. Sometimes a chin implant may be done at the same time as nose surgery for better facial proportion.

How is it done?

There are two options. In the first option the incision can be inside the mouth under the bottom lip. This way leaves no visible scars.

The other option is done via an incision under the chin. It is a very small incision that heals well. Either incision is a good choice.

Types of implants

The chin implants are either silicone or porous implants. The porous implants have the advantage that they stick well to the bone and the tissues. The silicone implants do not adhere as well and thus can become displaced over time. Both implants are good implants.


General, sedation and or local anesthesia are all available options.


Recovery is painless. Most of the swelling will go away by the first 6 weeks in most patients. It will take 6 months until all of the swelling can completely subside.

Other options

Injectables can be an effective method to augment the chin and the jawline in some cases. Those can be done in the office without surgery. Small increases in chin volume and projection are achieved like that. Also jowls can be treated like that in some patients.