Ear Surgery Beverly Hills (Otoplasty)

What is it?

Otoplasty is surgery to correct protruding ears. This is a very common condition for men and women and it makes both sexes very self-conscious. Women will cover their protruding ears with their hair because it concerns them.

When to operate?

The best time is in the teenage years. Kids can be made fun of in school by other children and that in turn lead to psychological problems.


There is great diversity of protruding ears and therefore the techniques to correct them vary. In general the operation serves to mold the existing ear cartilage in order to create natural looking ear folds. In some cases some of the ear cartilage making the ear too high or prominent gets to be removed.

Otoplasty procedure

Can be done either under local anesthesia only or with general anesthesia.


The ears are tender for the first few days after the otoplasty surgery. Also the swelling is prominent in the first week after surgery. Most of the swelling goes away during the first 6 weeks. The total swelling goes away in 6 months in most patients.