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Dr. John Anastasatos MD FACS – Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Patient Story

Liposuction / Body Contouring
Dr. John Anastasatos performed surgery for this patient pictured below.

This is a true example of body sculpting. This patient had liposuction and liposculpture of her whole abdomen, flanks, hips and back.

This case is very hard. WHY? Because in a patient like this who needs so little it is easy to create contour irregularities on the skin with liposuction. It is easy to create lumps and bumps on the skin in a patient like this. Therefore extra attention is required to do liposuction o a patient like this. Extra attention extra time and special instruments are required.

What did I do to her buttocks and they look so good? Nothing!
By strategic liposuction above her buttocks, below her buttocks and around her buttocks I made her buttocks appear to be more perky and fuller. Sometimes I will take the fat that I remove from liposuction and will inject it in the buttocks in order to get more buttock volume and increased projection. That is called buttock augmentation with fat or “Brazilian Buttock lift“. But as you can see the buttocks of a person can be made to look so much better just by careful liposuction around them!

This is the beauty of liposculpture. A plastic surgeon can create amazing changes on the body that may last forever.

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