Neck Lift Beverly Hills

Neck lift Goals

1)   Tighten the muscles of the neck.

2)   Tighten the skin of the neck from the jaw line all the way down to the collarbones.

3)   Remove the extra fat that exists in the neck usually in the midportion of the neck under the chin.

The Neck lift operation must primarily address and treat the muscles under the skin of the neck. Patients feel that the neck lift is about pulling skin that has become lax and lose. It is not. What becomes lax and lose over time are the muscle groups under the skin of the neck. Proper repair and tightening of these muscles can create a beautiful jaw line and neckline. This is a critical part of facial rejuvenation. The main muscle group that gets repaired in the neck lift is the platysma. Hence also the term platysmaplasty which means plastic surgery o the platysma.

I spend a considerable amount of time doing the neck lift. In my operation which I do usually together with the facelift I tighten the neck muscles like a corset. This way I re-arrange the neck muscle anatomy permanently. These results can last a lifetime!

The neck muscles are the foundation of everything else done on the neck for rejuvenation. After I correct the neck muscles then I remove the excess fat from the neck and tighten the skin of the neck. In almost all cases of neck lift there is excess neck skin that gets to be removed. This adds to the tightness and the beautiful neck shape.

The neck is approached from an incision under the chin and behind the ears. The incision under the chin ranges from 5-7cm or about 2 inches in length and heals well. The incisions behind the ears also heal well over time. In general incisions on the face and neck heal better than incisions on other parts of the body.