Nose Surgery Beverly Hills (Rhinoplasty)

The nose job is one of the most beautiful operations of the face if it is done naturally. A single small change of the nose affects the look of the whole face. That is why nose reshaping must be conservative and very calculated.

The goals of aesthetic nose-reshaping are:

1)   Shorten the nose and make it thinner.

2)   Reduce the hump at the top of the nose and make the top straight or add a curve.

3)   Support the middle of the nose.

4)   Support the septum.

5)   Create a straight septum. Create a straight nose.

6)   Thin the tip. A thin nasal tip is a sign of refinement.

7)   Create small nostrils.

8)   Create a nose that fits the patient’s face.

There are two kinds of rhinoplasty operations. The open rhinoplasty and the closed rhinoplasty.

Open rhinoplasty simply means that there is an incision inside the nose and also part of the incision is outside the nose on the nostril. This outside part can have a stair-step look or a V-shape look.

Open rhinoplasty can be preferred in secondary rhinoplasty surgery because it can provide a better exposure.

The closed rhinoplasty means that the whole nose reshaping is done via incisions that are all inside the nose.

In some patients I can perform a tip rhinoplasty without any scars from the nose. The scars can be on the scalp. This is done at the same time as an endoscopic lift.

At the end of the rhinoplasty operation I place a small splint on the nose, which I remove after a week. I do not put nasal packing inside the nose. Nasal packing is what bothers people after this surgery.


The nasal septum is the backbone of the nose. On order for the nose to be straight and pretty then the base or foundation of the nose must also be straight. This foundation we call the septum. The septum can be deviated as a result of prior injury or it can be congenital. In either case the septum can be repaired at the same time as the rhinoplasty surgery.

Septum correction may help with better and easier breathing in most patients.