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Patient Story

Chemical Peel & Restylane
When you’re looking for a Los Angeles Botox, Restylane, Juvederm or injections by a Plastic surgeon in Los Angeles or Beverly Hills, Dr. John M. Anastasatos at his Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery center is recommended by patients and professionals.


This patient shows the results of cosmetic hand surgery. Have you noticed that some people can facelift and neck lift surgery and can look very young but then the appearance of the hands gives their age away?

Cosmetic hand treatments include:

  • Chemical peels to remove the age spots and the sunspots. Chemical peels to the hand also tighten the skin.
  • Restylane (hyaluronic acid) injections to fill in the surface of the hand. With age the soft tissues under the skin of the hand decrease. Soft tissue volume under the skin if the hand is lost with age. So I use fillers like restylane to replace and restore the lost volume.
  • Prominent veins can be easily and safely removed as an office based procedure. Veins in the hand become more prominent with time because soft tissue volume is lost.
  • Excess wrinkly skin from the hand can be also easily removed as an office procedure.
  • Hand Mesotherapy. This refers to the gentle and frequent (every 3 months) injection of mesotherapy to restore volume at the top of the hand. Mesotherapy is a very effective technique practiced in Europe to replenish and restore facial volume typically. I do it for the face and also do it for the hands.


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