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Dr. John Anastasatos MD FACS – Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Augmentation
Dr. John Anastasatos performed surgery for this patient pictured below. This patient wanted to maintain her breast volume which was plentiful but wanted her breasts to be perky, beautiful and youthful like they used to be before she had children. This is a common surgery that women require after they have had children and have breast-fed.

She had a breast lift-mastopexy on both sides. The breasts are now very perky and youthful. The incisions appear at these pictures 3 months after the operation. The incisions fade even more over time. There is only a periareolar and vertical incision. There is no incision under the breast. This is very important to me. That is to perform minimal incision breast lift operations. It is very significant that this lady does not have an incision under her breast fold. This is called the infra-mammary fold. I do the same thing for larger breast reduction type operations. Why is that important? Because out of all the incisions on the breast the one that heals more prominently over time and sometimes does not fade is the infra-mammary fold incision. Thats why I do this vertical lift to avoid it.

I am very excited about this breast lift because my patient has perky breasts that are natural without the use of any breast implant. There does not need to be a breast implant for a patient to have perkyness and breast projection. The use of a breast implant in a breast lift operation is only needed when a patient seeks more volume.

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