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Dr. John Anastasatos MD FACS – Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Breast augmentation and Correction of breast asymmetry
Dr. John Anastasatos performed surgery for this patient pictured below. This patient came in to have a breast augmentation operation. To do the breast augmentation part is easy. But to make her breast as symmetric as possible is not easy.

Look at her breasts in the before and after pictures. In the before pictures in the front view if her before picture it is very obvious how uneven her breasts were. Every aspect of her breasts was uneven. Her nipple-areolar complexes were uneven. Her breast volumes were uneven. Her lower breast folds were uneven. Her infra-mammary folds were uneven. In short she had two uneven breasts. It is easy to change two breasts that are symmetric in a similar fashion but when the breasts are uneven it is hard to get them to be symmetric. This is was my personal challenge in this case. Off course this patient and any patient wanted not only to get a breast augmentation but also an operation to correct her symmetry. All in one operative time.

Essentially I had to do two different operations on two different breasts and match them in terms of breast augmentation volumes, breast size, and breast shape and breast symmetry.

For this I used saline filled breast implants. The saline implants were preferred in this case in order to achieve a better breast volume match. The breast surgeon can fill the saline breast implants with the volume he wants. The silicone implants instead come with pre-made and prefixed volumes.

The incisions were around the nipples. This is called peri-areolar breast augmentation. You can see how well these incisions on the areola can heal in time. The breast implants that I used were high profile breast implants because this patient wanted very perky breasts. She wanted breasts with high projection. The saline volumes in the breast implants were different. I placed larger volume in the right breast implant. The right breast implant had a volume of 420 cc. The left breast implant had a volume of 390cc.

I am very proud of this result for this breast augmentation because of the symmetry achieved. It is very very hard to correct breast symmetry with a breast augmentation alone. Sometimes I tell my patients that if their breasts are uneven before then after a breast augmentation the asymmetry may appear to be more pronounced.

I always try to correct breast asymmetry and uneven breasts at the time of the breast augmentation in order to offer the highest patient satisfaction.
As you can tell from her breast bikini lines there is good symmetry of the tan lines as well. Little things can make a big difference in cosmetic surgery and anything in life.

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