Reconstructive Surgery by Dr. Anastasatos

Reconstructive Plastic Surgery Procedures

Reconstructive surgery is performed on abnormal structures of the body caused by congenital defects, developmental abnormalities, trauma, infection, tumors or disease. It is generally performed to improve functions, but may also be done to approximate a normal appearance. Reconstructive surgery is generally covered by most health insurance policies, although coverage for specific procedures and levels of coverage may vary greatly.

There are two basic categories of Reconstructive surgery: those who have congenital deformities, otherwise known as birth defects, and those with developmental deformities, acquired as a result of accident, infection, disease, or in some cases, aging.

Reconstructive techniques- ranging from a simple scar revision to a complex transfer of tissue flaps from elsewhere on the body-can often repair damaged tissue, rebuild body parts, and restore most patients to acceptable appearance and function.

Dr. Anastasatos’ Plastic Reconstructive Surgery areas

  • Scar Revision
  • Breast Reconstruction
  • Breast Reduction
  • Cleft Lip
  • Hand Surgery
  • Tissue Exspansion

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