Vaginal Rejuvenation Procedures

Sensitive Operations – Vaginal Rejuvenation Procedures

A variety of procedures to rejuvenate the vaginal area can be performed. They serve to rejuvenate, improve the appearance and potentially increase sexual pleasure during intercourse.

External Genitalia Reduction- Vaginal Lip Reduction Vaginaplasty / Vaginoplasty

This is an operation that reduces large vaginal lips. The reduction and results can be very impressive. Most women feel that the larger size vaginal lips interfere with intercourse and can cause pain. This is called dyspareunia in medical terms. They also feel that aesthetically large vaginal lips (labia majora) do not look good and subconsciously it interferes with sexual pleasure and body image. Finally smaller labia majora (external vaginal lips that are flat with the pubis) are associated with a younger look.

Many women do this procedure in order to improve the physical look and make the vagina appear youthful. Furthermore they feel that such an operation will improve the look when they wear small items of clothing like a bikini.

Most experience a major change in the look and the feel of the external genitalia or vaginal lips during and after menopause. This is because the dramatic decrease of the female hormone estrogen in the body causes relaxation of all tissues including the vaginal tissues. The vagina and also the external genitalia become loose and also dry. These changes can alter sexual enjoyment during intercourse.

Vaginal external lip (labia majora) reduction or tightening can be performed easily with various methods that include direct reduction and/or laser reduction.

The procedure can last about 30-45 minutes and the recovery is complete within a week.

The discomfort is minimal. The return to sexual activity can be as soon as 2 weeks after the procedure.

This is the most common operation of the vaginal area. Most women report and increase in sexual pleasure after this surgery. It is possible the increase in pleasure has to do with the actual physical tightening or also the improved mental status of the female patient.

Clitoral Reduction -Clitoris Reduction – Hood Reduction or Hoodectomy

I have performed this operation several times. The clitoris and the clitoral hood enlarge with age. Or simple in some women the clitoris is very large and projects a lot. It makes many women who have this condition very self-conscious. Also it makes them very self-conscious when they wear a bikini in public.

The clitoral reduction can be easily done in a procedure that may last about an hour. The result is permanent and the recovery is a few days.

Women have reported an increase in the sensitivity of the clitoris after this operation. The recovery time is within a few days. Discomfort may vary but it’s minimal. Return to sexual activity may be as soon as 2 weeks.

Clitoral Enlargement -Clitoris Enlargement – Hood Enlargement

For women who are self-conscious about lack of clitoral prominence there is a variety of procedures to enlarge the projection of the clitoris. This is turn may increase the chance of orgasm and sexual pleasure.

These procedures may entail local tissue re-arrangement, injection of fillers or cartilage implantation.

Recovery is within 1-2 weeks. Return to sexual activity can be in 2 weeks.

Vaginal Canal Tightening – Vaginal Canal Reduction – Colpoplasty

Vaginal space and tightening is directly related to sexual pleasure. With age the vaginal walls relax. They lose their elasticity just like the skin of the face loses its natural elasticity and other areas of the body. This becomes much more pronounced during and after menopause.

The vaginal canal can be surgically reduced and tightened. This procedure can make the vaginal canal feel tighter and smaller. On such basis it has the potential to increase sexual pleasure during intercourse.

Again this is a quick procedure that has a quick recovery of a few days. Return to sexual activity can be as soon as 3 weeks following the procedure.

This procedure is expeditious and lasts about an hour.

G-Spot Amplification

Depending on the individual patient anatomy it may possible to perform G-spot amplification in order to enhance the sexual experience. These procedures can range from simple filler introduction or tissue re-arrangement as described earlier.

Despite any type of procedure and instrumentation any perceived increase in sexual pleasure due to that could be subjective and not necessarily objective.

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